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.... Travel Award

Axion BioSystems Travel Award 


Are you an academic/government/non-profit researcher interested in presenting Axion MEA data at an upcoming scientific conference? Axion is pleased to announce a Travel Award program to help off-set costs associated with attending. The program is open to researchers worldwide attending a conference in North America or Europe.
Learn more about how to apply here.
.... Publications
Pain Relief in a Neuropathy Patient by Lacosamide: Proof of Principle of Clinical Translation from Patient-Specific iPS Cell-Derived Nociceptors

Discover how Maestro technology helped researchers to present examples of successful small fiber neuropathy patient-specific precision medicine using iPSC technology and individualized therapeutic treatment based on patient-derived sensory neurons.

Namer B, Schmidt D, et al. (2018). EBioMedicine.

Read full article here

Emerging Neurotechnology for Antinoceptive Mechanisms and Therapeutics Discovery

Explore how Maestro technology was used to help describe phenotypic screening paradigms that make use of nociceptor electrophysiology in order to explore alternative therapeutics for chronic pain. 
Black B.J., Atmaramani R, et al. (2018). Biosensors and Bioelectronics.
Read the full article here
Resilience to Pain: A Peripheral Component Identified Using Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells and Dynamic Clamp

See how Maestro technology helped researchers show that subject-specific iPSCs can be used to model inter-individual differences in pain, and provide proof-of-principle that iPSCs, WES, and dynamic clamp can be used to investigate peripheral mechanisms and pinpoint specific gene variants that modulate pain signaling. 

Mis M.A., Yang Y, et al. (2018). JNeurosci.

Read full article here

.... Upcoming Events 
SLAS2019 (February 2-6 | Washington, D.C. | Booth 217)

In the Washington, D.C. area February 2-6? Come by booth 217 to see how Maestro research is impacting the field of automation and to learn more about the world's most advanced MEA systems. 
And stay tuned for more Maestro research at trade shows worldwide in 2019!
NIH Cardiovascular Bioengineering (CVBE) Symposium (March 1-2 | Sydney, AUS)

Held for the first time in Australia and supported by the NIH, this two day meeting will bring together a faculty of internationally leading scientists from North America, Europe, the US, Asia, and Australia. The program covers a spectrum of fundamental and translational topics related to the fields of cardiac cell therapy, cardiovascular sciences, and stem cell biology. 
Learn more about this landmark event here
ISSCR International Symposium 2019 (February 20-22 | Amsterdam, Netherlands | Booth 65)

Join the Axion Europe team at this year's ISSCR International Symposium in Amsterdam. Stem Cells & Organoids in Development & Disease will offer three days of insightful presentations and conversations at the forefront of the field, and Axion will be there to show you how Maestro is making a difference in stem cell research world wide.
Learn more about the show here.
 ... AxIS Tips
AxIS Software Updates for the New Year

Start 2019 off right with New AxIS software, now available for download. AxIS Navigator 1.5 supports new Maestro MEA plates and has a new option for high sensitivity LEAP signal detection. Neural Metric Tool 2.4 includes Average Network Burst displays and endpoints, and CiPA Analysis Tool 2.1 now generates an automated PDF report containing experiment results. 
Please visit to download the new software and find all supporting materials. 


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