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Muotri Webinar Image A Model of Human Brain Development: Measuring Oscillatory Waves in Cortical Organoids

Studying the development of the human brain has been challenging due to the limitations of animal models. In this webinar, Prof. Alysson Muotri (UC San Diego) demonstrates that the spontaneous development of neural networks in neural organoids resembles those found during early human brain formation.

Watch the webinar here

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Morgan Zipperly Research Axion BioSystems Travel Award Winner: Congratulations Morgan Zipperly 

Congratulations to Morgan Zipperly from the University of Alabama for her recent Axion Travel Award. Morgan will present her research on exposure to drugs of abuse at SfN 2019, titled “The role of Gadd45b in striatal physiology and cocaine reward.”

Learn more about Morgan's research here

Kartik Pradeepan Research Axion BioSystems Travel Award Winner: Congratulations Kartik Pradeepan 

Congratulations to Kartik Pradeepan from the Western University in Canada for his recent Axion Travel Award. Kartik will present his research on autism at SfN 2019, titled “Developmental population-level differences of stem cell derived excitatory networks from SHANK2 ASD patients.”

Learn more about Kartik's research here

.... Publications
Nature Molecular Psychiatry Journal Cover Structural interaction between DISC1 and ATF4 underlying transcriptional and synaptic dysregulation in an iPSC model of mental disorders

Explore how Axion Maestro MEA technology helped to investigate the synaptic dysregulation in CRISPR-mediated, iPSC-derived neurons evaluting a genetic mutation for schizophrenia. 
Wang X, Ye F, et al. (2019). Molecular Psychiatry. 
Read the full article here. 
Stem Cell Reports Journal Cover Dynamical electrical complexity is reduced during neuronal differentiation in autism spectrum disorder 
Discover how Maestro technology aided researchers in characterizing the dynamic complexity of electrical recordings of stem cell-derived neurons from both individuals with autism spectrum disorder and controls.
Amatya D, Linker S, et al. (2019). Stem Cell Reports. 
Read the full article here
Scientific Reports Journal Cover Assessment of temporal functional changes and miRNA profling of human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes 
In this study, hiPSC-CM's were evaluated in a label-free MEA array and found to show improved functional, maturation, which has important implications for drug screening and cell transplant studies.
Kumar N, Dougherty J, et al. (2019). Scientific Reports. 
Read the full article here
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Cyprotex Axion Meeting Logos Novel Advances in Disease Modeling and Toxicology (Oct 17 | Boston, MA)

Axion BioSystems, in collaboration with Cyprotex, is pleased to invite you to the Novel Advances in Disease Modeling and Toxicology Meeting in Boston. This one-day meeting will take place on October 17, 2019 at the Boston Marriott Cambridge Hotel, in Massachusetts.

SfN 2019 SfN 2019 (Oct 19-23 | Chicago, IL | Booth 324)

Axion will be at the Society for Neuroscience this October.  Come and join us to learn more about how MEA technology is changing the field of neuroscience.   While visiting our booth, don't forget to pick up a free T-shirt (while stocks last).  If you are presenting Maestro MEA data at SfN you can reserve your T-shirt online today by clicking here.

Don’t miss our poster on Oct 21, 8:00 AM:

290.18. Evoked assay of neural circuit function with microelectrode array (MEA) technology and in vitro cell culture models
ISSCR 2019 Toronto Conference ISSCR International Symposium (Nov 6-8 | Toronto, Canada)

Axion is a bronze sponsor of this ISSCR symposium focusing on “Germline Editing to Clinical Trial Design – the Ethical Issues and Practical Considerations of Moving Cell Therapies to the Clinic.”  Visit us at the Axion booth to learn how Maestro MEA is being used to establish the quality control release criteria of stem cell-derived models.

AHA Scientific Sessions 2019

AHA Scientific Sessions 2019 (Nov 16-18 | Philadelphia, PA | Booth 3346)

Come by booth 3346 to see how researchers are using the Maestro’s 4 cardiac assays to advance cardiovascular discovery.

Don’t miss our poster on Nov 17, 12:30 PM:

Multiwell Microelectrode Array Technology for Multimodal Characterization of Cardiomyocyte Function in vitro

 ... AxIS Tips
Axis Software Tips AxIS Electrical Stimulation Quick-Start Guides

Quick-start guides for neural and cardiac electrical stimulation are now available for all Maestro users. Each guide will walk you step-by-step through how to design the optimal electrical stimulation protocol for your application using Stimulation Studio in AxIS. In addition, each guide provides helpful tips to improve the successful pacing of both neural and cardiac cells.

Please visit to download the new quick-start guides from the Documentation folder.


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