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Axion BioSystems Travel Award Winner: Congratulations Sylmarie Davila-Montero 

Congratulations to Sylmarie Davila-Montero at Michigan State University, this month's Travel Award winner for her research developing algorithms to improve the identification of neuroactive compounds using Maestro MEA data. Sylmarie demonstrated that the inclusion of temporal rather than endpoint data increased compound classification accuracy from 86% to 93%.

To read more about Sylmarie's research, click here
.... Publications
Nature Genetics Journal Cover Neuronal impact of patient-specific aberrant NRXN1α splicing

Learn how Axion's Maestro MEA was used to demonstrate how reduced neuronal activity in patient-derived NRXN1+/− hiPSC-neurons can be ameliorated by overexpression of individual control isoforms of the gene.
Flaherty E, Zhu S, et al. (2019). Nature Genetics. 
Read the full article here. 
Annuals of Toxicology Journal Cover Concentration-response evaluation of ToxCast compounds for multivariate activity patterns of neural network function

Discover how multivariant MEA activity patterns were used to efficiently screen for neurotoxicology features and how these may be useful in predicting future responses to chemical structure features.
Kosnik M, Strickland J, et al. (2019). Archives of Toxicology. 
Read the full article here. 
NanoLetters Reports Journal Cover

NanoMEA: A tool for high-throughput electrophysiological phenotyping of patterned excitable cells

Researchers developed nanotopographical patterns in MEA plates enabling the study of substrate-mediatied cytoskeletal organization on hPSC-derived cardiomyocyte and neuronal function.  
Smith A, Choi E, et al. (2019). Nano Letters. 
Read the full article here. 
Cardio Research Journal Cover Pharmacological activation of IKr in models of long QT Type 2 risks overcorrection of repolarization

Learn how researchers used Axion Maestro MEA technology to investigate small molecule activators to target the long-QT primary mechanism in hiPSC-CMs.
Perry M, NG CA, et al. (2019). Cardiovascular Research. 
Read the full article here. 
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HOPE Meeting Banner Physiology of Parkins's Disease: HOPE Meeting (Jan 29-31 | Paris, France)

Discover how Axion’s Maestro MEA platforms are being used to support research into neurodiseases such as Parkinsons Disease.

Cell Therapy Analytical Development Summit 2020 EU CAR-TCR Europe Summit (Feb 24-27 | London, UK)

Visit Axion’s booth to see how Axion’s new Maestro Z platform is being used to test the potency of T cells in real-time, label-free kill assays.

 ... AxIS Tips
Axis Software Tips Use Stimulation Paddles for Cardiac Electrical Stimulation

Stimulation paddles are dedicated stimulation electrodes available on CytoView MEA 24, BioCircuit MEA 24 and 48, and E-Stim+ Classic MEA 48 well plates. Performing cardiac electrical stimulation with stimulation paddles is often more effective at evoking activity and capturing the entire network than stimulating through microelectrodes.  In Stimulation Studio, settings for the stimulation paddle can be edited in the Pacing Properties window by double-clicking on the Cardiac Pacing Stimulation Block.
 ... Customer Review
Maestro Pro System "Easy to use, great results, and promising future directions"

"Our Maestro Pro MEA has proven to be a fantastic tool in our research so far. The instrument itself is high quality and user-friendly and the software has a coherent interface that makes operating the instrument and data analysis easy to learn. The Axion team has been incredibly available and helpful whenever we hit a snag or have questions - they have even been proactive to reach out to us with information they think might be useful for our applications. We have only scratched the surface with the capabilities of the Maestro Pro in our applications and we have exciting plans of incorporating it more broadly into our research and services moving forward." 

Jacquelyn Webb, Thermo Fischer Scientific

Click here to learn more about the success of Maestro Pro users.


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