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Proteasome stress in skeletal muscle mounts a long-range protective response that delays retinal and brain aging

This study explores the influence of the peripheral nervous system on aging and neurodegeneration in the central nervous system using human brain organoids.
Rai M, Coleman Z, et al. (2021). Cell Metabolism. 
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Derivation of peripheral nociceptive, mechanoreceptive, and proprioceptive sensory neurons from the same culture of human pluripotent stem cells

The authors developed a protocol for deriving three sensory neuron subtypes: nociceptors, mechanoreceptors, and proprioceptors from human pluripotent stem cells. The Maestro platform assessed the electrical activity and functional response of the derived subtypes.

Saito-Diaz K, Street JR, et al. (2021). Stem Cell Reports. 
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A human stem cell‑derived test system for agents modifying neuronal N‑methyl‑d‑aspartate‑type glutamate receptor Ca2+‑signalling

In order to assess functional neuronal receptors in vitro the authors developed a pluripotent stem cell-derived neural culture capable of forming functional neural networks on Axion's multiwell MEA system.

Klima S, Brüll M, et al. (2021). Archives of Toxicology.
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Investigation into the Role of ERK in Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor-Induced Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy is a common side effect of chemotherapy.  The authors create an in vitro neuropathy assay screening extracellular signaling of small molecules. Evaluation of hiPSC-derived peripheral neuronal electrophysiology was conducted on the Maestro platform.
Belair DG, Sudak K, et al. (2021). Toxicological Sciences 
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AxIS Tips

Axis z Tips
Time Referencing in AxIS Z

Time referencing either subtracts (Correction) or divides by (Normalization) the impedance value at the Time Reference Cursor on a well-by-well basis. Time referencing is most often used in dosing experiments to remove the variability before the dosing event and quantify the subsequent changes caused by dosing alone. When the Time Reference drop-down is set in the Impedance Menu to Correction or Normalization, the Time Reference Cursor is visible but dashed, indicating that no time referencing is being applied. To turn on time referencing, drag the Time Reference Cursor to the desired time point and click on the cursor.

Customer Review

Orange Quote
Lumos is a snap to start working with right off the bat. The software makes it really easy to start controlling different lights with different colors and pulse patterns within a couple minutes. By hooking up a light meter under the plate to an oscilloscope, I could see that the light is controlled very precisely (microsecond precision) with really high max intensity reaching the bottom of the well. Perhaps the best thing for me was that the plate/lid design prevents light targeted to one well from bleeding over or reaching adjacent wells, which is pretty important for experiments.

Eric Brown
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA


Simple to control high-intensity light patterns without cross-talk between wells


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