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Targeted stabilization of Munc18-1 function via pharmacological chaperones

In this paper, the authors identified two structure-based drug designs that bind to wild-type and mutant Munc18-1 and revert the neuronal dysfunction as a potential targeted treatment against severe pediatric encephalopathies.
Abramov D, Guiberson NGL, et al. (2020). EMBO Molecular Medicine. 
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Effects of cryopreservation on human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes for assessing drug safety response profiles

In this study, the authors investigated the differences between fresh (non-cryopreserved) hiPSC-CMs and hiPSC-CMs recovered from cryopreservation by characterizing and comparing their genetic makeup, electrical function, and response to various cardiotoxic drugs.

Zhang JZ, Belbachir N, et al. (2021). Stem Cell Reports. 
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Dyshomeostatic modulation of Ca2+-activated K+ channels in a human neuronal model of KCNQ2 encephalopathy

In this paper, the Maestro platform was used to measure the functional properties of iPSC-derived neurons modeling neonatal epileptic encephalopathy.

Simkin D, Marshall KA, et al. (2021). eLife.
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Comparison of acute effects of neurotoxic compounds on network activity in human and rodent neural cultures

The authors generated excitatory and inhibitory hiPSC-derived neurons independently and co-cultured the neurons with primary human astrocytes. The resulting co-cultures exhibited neural activity and formed synchronized neural network activity recorded on Axion's MEA platform.
Saavedra L, Wallace K, et al. (2021). Toxicological Sciences. 
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Orange Quote
The user-friendly software is very nice and visualizes neural activity from multiple wells in real-time, and it is intuitive.  Our lab members can easily operate and smoothly conduct experiments with drug and electrical stimulations  Since the temperature and CO2 environments are well maintained, long-term continuous measurement is possible.  In addition, the MEA plates delivered are well managed, and customer support is very good.

Dr. Ikuro Suzuki
Tohoku Institute of Technology, Japan


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