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miRNA-based rapid differentiation of purified neurons from hPSCs advances towards quick screening for neuronal disease phenotypes in vitro

Discover how Axion's Maestro MEA was used to assess an induction method for hPSC-derived neurons that resulted in a high neuronal differentiation rate and network busting activity.  
Ishikawa M, Aoyama T, et al. (2020). Cells. 
Read the full article here.

Premature termination codon readthrough upregulates progranulin expression and improves lysosomal function in preclinical models of GRB deficiency

Learn how Maestro MEA was used to eplore restoring GRN deficiency in hiPSC-derviced neurons as a potential therapeutic intervention for FTLD.
Frew J, Baradaran-Heravi A, et al. (2020). Molecular Neurodegeneration. 
Read the full article here. 

Perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoate (PFOA) acutely affect human α1β2γ2L GABAA receptor and spontaneous neuronal network function in vitro

Researchers used the Maestro MEA to investigate acute effects of PFAS on the spontaneous neuronal network activity of rate primary cortical cultures as well as networks of hiPSC-derived neurons.  
Tukker AM, Bouwman LMS, et al. (2020). Science Reports. 
Read the full article here. 

Assessment of Spontaneous Neuronal Activity In Vitro Using Multi-Well Multi-Electrode Arrays: Implications for Assay Development

In this publication, Negri et al. propose Maestro MEA data acquisition and analysis best practices using recordings from primary rat cortical cultures. Additionally, spike sorting was implemented to assess the dynamic firing frequency across populations.
Negri J, Menon V, et al. (2020). eNeuro. 
Read the full article here. 
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As current events around COVID-19 continue to evolve, a number of scientific conferences have either canceled or rescheduled their events.  Below are a selection of videos (approx 10 mins long) that will help you keep abreast of the latest scientific developments from the comfort of your own home.

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AxIS Tip New LEAP tools

New Analysis Tools Update

Stuck at home? Use this time to catch-up on your data analysis. The latest version of the Cardiac Analysis Tool offers many new features for LEAP analysis. Multiple LEAP files can now be analyzed simultaneously. LEAP waveforms from each electrode can now be viewed in the Golden Channel File Selector. In addition, new metrics such as Rise Time and Triangulation are now included in exported data.

The Neural Metric Tool and the AxIS Metric Plotting Tool have also been updated with new features. Please visit to download the new software and find supporting material.

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Maestro Pro with Review stars 4.9/5

"Fascinating results, easy to use, important for publication"

"MEA recording was easy, very straightforward and intuitive. This is a non-intrusive and simple way to measure electrical and functional abilities of neuronal cultures. It's giving us interesting results and has been a great addition to our work. This is a new endeavor for the field of neuroscience…" 

Celia Cui, University of South Carolina

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