.... ISSCR Winners
ISSCR MiniBrain Winners ISSCR2019 Mini-Brain T-Shirt Prize Winners: Congratulations! 

Congratulations to our three winners at ISSCR2019! Heather Martin, Bianca Salgado, and Nina Dirkx were spotted wearing their "Mini-Brain" T-Shirts at the show and each won a $100 Amazon gift card.
Learn more about Maestro mini-brain research here
.... Publications
Frontiers in Neuroscience Impact of Sleep-Wake-Associated Neuromodulators and Repetitive Low-Frequency Stimulation on Human iPSC-Derived Neurons 
Explore how Maestro MEA technology helped to show that sleep-wake states can be mimicked by cyclic neuromodulator administration and that LTD-like phenomena can be induced by LFS in vitro human iPSC-derived neurons. 
Yokoi R, Okabe M, et al. (2019). Frontiers in Neuroscience.
Read the full article here
European Journal of Pharmacology Role of Kv7.2/Kv7.3 and M1 Muscarinic Receptors in the Regulation of Neuronal Excitability in hiPSC-Derived Neurons 
Learn about how Maestro MEA technology helped to show that hiPSC neurons could be a useful human-based cell assay for characterization of drugs that affect neuronal excitability and/or induce seizure activity by modulation of M1 receptors or inhibition of Kv7 channels.  
Kreir M, De Bondt A, et al. (2019). European Journal of Pharmacology.
Read the full article here
NeuroToxicity Changes in Neuronal Activity in Rat Primary Cortical Cultures Induced by Illicit Drugs and New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) Following Prolonged Exposure and Washout to Mimic Human Exposure Scenarios 
See how Maestro MEA technology makes it possible to use rat primary cortical cultures to study the effect of new psychoactive substances (NPS) on neuronal activity. 
Zwartsen A, Hondebrink L, Westerink RH. (2019). Neurotoxicology.  
Read the full article here
EHP Journal Cover  Influence of Nanomolar Deltamethrin on the Hallmarks of Primary Cultured Cortical Neuronal Networks and the Role of Ryanodine Receptors 
Discover how Maestro technology helped researchers find that ryanodine receptors are sensitive molecular targets of deltamethrin with functional consequences likely relevant for mediating abnormal neuronal network connectivity in vitro. 
Zheng J, Yu Y, et al. (2019). Environmental Health Perspectives. 
Read the full article here
.... Upcoming Events
euroTox 2019 conference logo EUROTOX2019 (Sep 8-11 | Helsinki, Finland | Booth #23)

The Axion Europe team will be in Helsinki this year promoting Maestro MEA technology at the Eurotox2019 meeting. Come see how Maestro is impacting the world of toxicology in Europe.
IBRO 2019 conference logo IBRO2019 (Sep 21-25 | Daegu, South Korea)

Axion will be at the 10th IBRO World Congress of Neuroscience this September. Join us to learn more about Maestro research in South Korea and how MEA technology is changing the field of neuroscience. 
SPS 2019 conference logo SPS2019 (Sep 23-26 | Barcelona, Spain | Booth #701)

The annual Safety Pharmacology Society show is one of the biggest events in the field of toxicology. Join us at booth #701 this year to see how Maestro Pro and Edge are leading innovation in tox in labs worldwide. 
 ... AxIS Tips
Software Arrow Keys Use Arrow Keys to Display Different Wells

In AxIS Navigator, the Continuous Waveform Plots, Spike Plots, and Cardiac Beat Plots display the data for all of the electrodes in one well. To select the displayed well, click on a well in the Active Plate in the upper left corner of AxIS Navigator. A yellow square indicates which well is selected. Use the arrow or cursor movement keys on your keyboard to quickly and easily scan through different wells.


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