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A versatile polypharmacology platform promotes cytoprotection and viability of human pluripotent and differentiated cells

This paper features data recorded from both the Axion Maestro MEA and impedance systems. Discover how these complementary assays worked together to provide a more complete picture.
Chen Y, Tristan CA, et al. (2021). Nature Methods. 
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Identification of an endogenous glutamatergic transmitter system controlling excitability and conductivity of atrial cardiomyocytes

In this study, the authors demonstrated that the generation and propagation of atrial cardiomyocyte action potentials are regulated by an intrinsic glutamatergic transmitter system on the Maestro Pro MEA system.

Xie D, Xiong K, et al. (2021). Cell Research. 
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CB1 antagonism increases excitatory synaptogenesis in a cortical spheroid model of fetal brain development

The affects of CB1 on neural network activity was evaluated on Axion's multiwell MEA system using cells developed in iPSC-derived cortical spheriods.

Papariello A, Taylor D, et al. (2021). Scientific Reports.
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Investigation into the Role of ERK in Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor-Induced Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy is a common side effect of chemotherapy. The authors create an in vitro neuropathy assay screening extracellular signaling of small molecules. Evaluation of hiPSC-derived peripheral neuronal electrophysiology was conducted on the Maestro platform.
Belair DG, Sudak K, et al. (2021). Toxicological Sciences 
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Axion BioSystems' bioelectronic assay aids in developing cancer immunotherapies 

Discover how Axion's Maestro Z/ZHT live-cell assay systems are helping to develop better preclinical models of immune cell-mediated killing of tumor cells.

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The next phase of drug creation 

Discover how Axion’s bioelectronic assays are helping reduce the number of animals used in medical research.

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Allogeneic Cell Therapies Summit (May 17-19)

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Discover how the Maestro Z and ZHT platforms can record your in vitro assay label-free and in real time.


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AxIS Tips

Axis z Tips
Well averaging in AxIS Z

If Average Wells is selected in the Well Averaging menu, the data displayed on the Impedance Plot and Endpoint Plot is averaged across replicate wells for each Well Group. Deselect the Average Wells checkbox to plot data from each individual well in the Impedance Plot and the Endpoint Plot.

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