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Travel Award 

Axion BioSystems Travel Award Winner: Congratulations Kristina Bartmann, PhD 

Congratulations to Kristina Bartmann at Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine, this month's Travel Award winner.  Kristina’s research focuses on using a hiPSC-based neuronal network formation assay for regulatory developmental neurotoxicity testing. Kristina demonstrated the importance of tracking spike-, burst-, and network-related parameters when testing the neurotoxic effects of 35 pesticides.

To read more about Kristina's research, click here
.... Publications
Cell Stem Cell Journal Cover Self-organizing 3D human trunk neuromuscular organoids

Learn how Axion's Maestro MEA was used to record centeral pattern generator-like neuronal circuits from human neuromuscular organoids (NMOs).   
Martins J, Fischer C, et al. (2020). Cell Stem Cell. 
Read the full article here. 
Cell Journal Cover Snake Venom Gland Organoids

Discover how Maestro MEA was used to assess functional effects of toxins produced by stem cell-derived snake venom gland organoids.
Post Y, Puschhof J, et al. (2020). Cell. 
Read the full article here. 
Nature Medicine Journal Cover iPSC modeling of young-onset Parkinson's disease reveals a molecular signature of disease and novel therapeutic candidates
Researchers differentiated Young-onset Parkinson's disease cultures from patient iPSCs.  These cultures revealed a signature in patients with YOPD who have no known Parkinson’s disease-related mutations, suggesting that there might be other genetic contributions to this disorder.  
Laperle A, Sances N, et al. (2020). Nature Medicine. 
Read the full article here. 
Neuroscience Methods Journal Cover High-throughput screening of human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived brain organoids 

Learn how researchers used Axion Maestro MEA technology combined with high content imaging to screen for drug-induced functional and morphological effects in hiPSC brain organoids.
Durens M, Nestor J, et al. (2020). Journal of Neuroscience Methods. 
Read the full article here. 
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Cell Therapy Analytical Development Summit 2020 EU CAR-TCR Europe Summit (Feb 24-27 | London, UK)

Visit Axion’s booth (#24) to see how Axion’s new Maestro Z platform is being used to test the potency of T cells in real-time, label-free kill assays.

SOT 2020 SOT 2020 (March 15-19 | Annaheim, CA, USA)

Come by our booth to see how Maestro research is impacting the field of toxicology and to learn more about the world's most advanced MEA systems.

 ... AxIS Tips
Axis Software Tips Create a black and white waveform plot image

In AxIS and AxISNavigator, different colors can be selected for the plot waveforms. To change waveform colors, right-click on the stream configurations in the Streams window and select Plot → Change Trace Color. To generate black and white plot images, select white from the color options in the pop-up window. Next, copy the plot by right-clicking and selecting either Copy Electrode Waveform or Copy Well Plot. Open Paint (or similar software) and paste the image. Finally, right-click over the image in Paint and select Invert color to edit the image so that it presents as a black waveform against a white background

 ... Customer Review
Maestro Pro System "Great instrument - produces lots of data for publication"

"This instrument has been a very positive addition to our lab. It is high-throughput and can study the firing properties of neurons in their normal culture medium over long time periods at different temperature settings. Importantly, its software is free, easy to use, and the heatmap display is visually attractive. Many of the images displayed in the software can be readily converted to publication quality figures, which is very neat. The customer support has also been very good." 

Yang Yang, Assistant Professor, Purdue University

Click here to learn more about the success of Maestro Pro users.


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