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ER stress-induced modulation of neural activity and seizure susceptibility is impaired in a fragile X syndrome mouse model

Researchers using Fmr1 knockout (KO) neurons and animal models demonstrated that an impaired response to common cellular stress challenges may contribute to abnormal neural activity and seizure susceptibility in fragile X syndrome.
Liu D-C, Lee KY, et al. (2021). Neurobiology of Disease. 
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A microRNA signature that correlates with cognition and is a target against cognitive decline

Scientists studying human subjects and animal models identified a circulating 3-microRNA signature associated with cognitive impairment that could lead to the development of screening tests for dementia and novel RNA-based therapeutics.

Islam R, Kaurani L, et al. (2021). EMBO Molecular Medicine. 
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A role for translational regulation by S6 kinase and a downstream target in inflammatory pain

The authors conducted in vitro bioelectronic assays on mouse dorsal root ganglion neurons to reveal that pharmacological inhibition of S6K1 or C-Fos blocked inflammation-related neuronal firing and increased sensitivity to stimulation.

De la Pena J, Kunder N, et al. (2021). British Journal of Pharmacology.
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Method for selective ablation of undifferentiated human pluripotent stem cell populations for cell-based therapies

Discover how a widely used chemotherapy drug eliminated undifferentiated stem cells in vitro and prevented teratoma formation in animal models—a novel finding that may be an important step for clinical applications of cardiac cell transplantation.
Chour T, Tian L, et al. (2021). JCI Insight.
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Bioelectric assay identifies potential COVID-19 therapeutic targets 

Impedance-based bioelectronic assays allow researchers to noninvasively monitor cell health in real time and study interactions between cells, viruses, and potential therapies.

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A mind for medicine

Regenerative stem cell therapies offer opportunities and challenges for the treatment of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s, ALS, epilepsy, and Parkinson’s.

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AxIS Tips

AxIS Z tips
Lab Notebook in AxIS Z

The Lab Notebook provides summary data for an AxIS Z experiment in an Excel spreadsheet. Summary tabs report the data and plots at the time of export. The Summary Settings displays the plate map designed in the Plate Map Setup and information from the Experiment Setup. The Summary Series tab displays the Impedance Plot and the time and impedance values used to generate the plot. The Summary Endpoint tab displays the Endpoint Plot and the time and impedance values used to generate the plot. To save additional plots and source data from the Analysis window in AxIS Z to the Lab Notebook, right-click on the plot of interest and select Save to Lab Notebook. To export the Lab Notebook (to view plots and source data in Excel), select File → Export Lab Notebook. To remove all of the plots from the Lab Notebook, select File → Clear Lab Notebook.

Customer Review

Orange Quote
We found the Maestro Z to be extremely user-friendly with simple, yet powerful software. The setup was also easy and non-disruptive to other work since it does not require any space in the incubators. The system is very sensitive, detecting subtle differences in breast cancer cell migration to provide quantitative data for our work that was not as easily obtained with other methods. This is a great system for easily monitoring cell behavior in real-time.

Cheryl Gomillion
University of Georgia



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