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Multi-Electrode Array of Sensory Neurons as an In Vitro Platform to Identify the Nociceptive Response to Pharmaceutical Buffer Systems of Injectable Biologics

Discover how the Yang lab developed an in vitro MEA based recording system for rodent dorsal root ganglion sensory neuron culture and monitored the change in firing rate to measure nociception upon exposure to monoclonal antibodies and buffer solutions.
Eaton M, Que Z, et al. (2021). Pharmaceutical Research. 
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Human microglia states are conserved across experimental models and regulate neural stem cell responses in chimeric organoids

Xenotransplantation of human microglia into cerebral organoids accelerated the emergence of synchronized oscillatory network activity in brain organoids in vitro.

Popova G, Soliman SS, et al. (2021). Cell Stem Cell. 
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Engineering hiPSC-CM and hiPSC-EC laden 3D nanofibrous splenic hydrogel for improving cardiac function through revascularization and remuscularization in infarcted heart

hiPSC-dervived cardiomyocytes and endothelial cells were cultured and characterized on a splenic extracellular matrix-derived thermoreponsive hydrogel as a potential strategy for post-infarction repair.

Guan G, Huo D, et al. (2021). Bioactive Materials.
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Synthesis and antiviral activity of fatty acyl conjugates of remdesivir against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 and Ebola virus

The authors evaluated the synthesis of fatty acyl derivatives of RDV and structural characterization of their antiviral activity against SARS-CoV-2 in the Maestro Z impedance platform.
El-Sayed NS, Jureka AS, et al. (2021). European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. 
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Upgrading electrophysiology to take on ALS 

James Ross, Axion BioSystems' CTO, explains how MEA technology can put neuroscience research on the fast track towards clinically meaningful results.

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Leveraging bioelectronic assays for cell-based therapy 

Cell-based immunotherapies are revolutionising medicine; and, although they are relatively new, they are poised to disrupt the biomedical industry.

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Tuning in to the brain’s neural network 

Discover how MEA technology is helping researchers develop insights into neurological diseases from pediatric epilepsy to uncovering a potential ALS biomarker.

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Upcoming Events

International Workshop on Chronic Pain and Itch: Mechanisms and Circuit (Oct 20-22)

Come by our booth and discover how the Maestro MEA platform can support your in vitro pain studies.


Cells UK (Oct 28-29)

Discover how the Maestro systems allow you to capture the functionality of your cells label-free and in real time.  Don't miss Dr. Lohitash's presentation on CAR-T in vitro assays.


Society for Neuroscience (Nov 8-11)

Be sure to find our posters and booth online.  Don't forget you can sign up to win one of 20 mini-brain plush toys.


Festival of Biologics (Nov 9-11)

Stop by in person or virtually and learn how the Maestro platforms can support your assays.


SITC (Nov 12-13)

Stop by booth #405 and see a real-time CAR-T assay running on our impedance system.


AxIS Tips

Axis z Tips
Making Notes in AxIS Z

Notes mark important events with a timestamp in AxIS Z. The Maestro automatically adds System Notes for events, such a plate dock/undock. User Note times are indicated at the top of the Impedance Plot by white inverted triangles. To add a note, click the Enter note text… field. Type the desired text and press Enter or click Add Note. To view notes, click the expand button. To delete notes, click the arrow on the right side of the note and select Delete. To place the cursor at a specific note, click the arrow on the right side of the note and navigate to Place Cursor and select the desired cursor. This will automatically place the cursor at the Note Time and perform the operation.

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