.... Travel Award
Lydia Sibley Research Axion BioSystems Travel Award Winner: Congratulations Lydia Sibley 

This month's Travel Award winner is Lydia Sibley from the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab. Lydia will present her research on cerebral palsy at SfN2019, titled “Establishing a co-culture model of human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived motor neurons and primary stem cell-derived myotubes from patients with cerebral palsy.”

Learn more about Lydia's research here

.... Publications
Cell Stem Cell Journal Cover Complex Oscillatory Waves Emerging from Cortical Organoids Model Early Human Brain Network Development 
Explore how Axion Maestro MEA technology helped to provide opportunities for investigating and manipulating the role of network acitivity in the developing human cortex. 
Trujillo C, Gao R, et al. (2019). Cell Stem Cell. 
Read the full article here
Scientific Reports Journal Cover Pharmacological Profiling of Purified Human Stem Cell-Derived and Primary Mouse Motor Neurons 
Discover how Maestro technology aided researchers in supporting the consistency between human PSC-derived and mouse primary spinal motor neuron models from a physiological perspective. 
Moakley D, Koh J, et al. (2019). Scientific Reports. 
Read the full article here
Scientific Reports Journal Cover Novel Method for Action Potential Measurements from Intact Cardiac Monolayers with Multiwell Microelectrode Array Technology 
Here, Maestro technology helps build a novel technique for reliably increasing the coupling of cardiomyocyte syncytium to planar multiwell microelectrode arrays, resulting in a stable, label-free local extracellular action potential (LEAP). LEAP can accelerate our understanding of stem cell models, while improving the automation and accuracy of drug testing.
Hayes H, Nicolini A, et al. (2019). Scientific Reports. 
Read the full article here
.... Upcoming Events
SPS Barcelona SPS2019 (Sep 23-26 | Barcelona, Spain | Booth #701)

Come by booth #701 to see how Maestro research is impacting the field of safety pharmacology and to learn more about the world's most advanced MEA systems.

Join us for our hosted session titled:

Maturation of iPSC-CM Function for Improved Predictivity of In Vitro CM-MEA Assays (Mon Sept 24 | 7:00am -8:00am | Room 119)

We’ll also be presenting two posters:

76 - Multiwell Microelectrode Array (MEA) Technology for the Quantification of Neuronal, Synaptic, and Network Function for In Vitro Primary and Stem Cell-Derived Neuronal Model (De Filippi et al.)

102 - Maturation of hiPSC-CM Function for Improved Predictivity of In Vitro Action Potential and Contractility Assays (Gkatzis et al.)

IBRO IBRO2019 (Sep 21-25 | Daegu, South Korea)

Axion will be at the 10th IBRO World Congress of Neuroscience this September. Join us to learn more about Maestro research in South Korea and how MEA technology is changing the field of neuroscience. 
EuroTox EUROTOX2019 (Sep 8-11 | Helsinki, Finland | Booth #23)

The Axion Europe team will be in Helsinki this year demonstrating Maestro MEA technology at the Eurotox2019 meeting. Come see how Maestro is impacting the world of toxicology in Europe.
 ... AxIS Tips
Axis Software Tips Save and Load Stimulation Files in Stimulation Studio

In AxIS Navigator, custom electrical and optical stimulation protocols can be created in Stimulation Studio. After designing a stimulation pattern and selecting electrodes and wells to be stimulated, it is good practice to save a stimulation protocol for future reference. To save stimulation protocols, select File then Stim Waveform. To load saved stimulation protocols, select Open Stim Waveform.



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