Modeling Epilepsy at Columbia University's Institute for Genomic Medicine


Epilepsy Coffee Break Webinar

Sixty-five million people world-wide suffer from epilepsy. Epilepsy is characterized by seizures, which are the result of excessive nerve activity in the brain. This condition is a range of disorders that vary from mild to severe, some of which can be life-threatening. While treatments are available, finding the optimal medication for any patient involves a period of trial-and-error during which both doctor and patient will try to find a solution that improves their quality of life. Unfortunately for one-third of people with epilepsy, the available treatments will not work. The need to better understand the underlying causes and develop better treatments for epilepsy are clear.

Join Columbia University's Mike Boland and K. Melodi McSweeney for this Coffee Break Webinar as they discuss the power of utilizing genetically engineered mice to explore the neuronal networks associated with epilepsy. With a better understanding of these brain networks it could be possible to classify different types of epilepsy, allowing the most effective medication to be prescribed first time.