Characterizing multivariate neuroactivity patterns of environmental compounds  

Coffee Break Webinar: Characterizing multivariate neuroactivity patterns of environmental compounds from Axion BioSystems.

Summary: In our daily lives we are increasingly continually exposed to man-made chemicals, including pharmaceutical compounds, antimicrobials, flame retardants, food-additives, and pesticides. It is well known that nervous system function is particularly sensitive to disruption by a wide variety of compounds. Consequently, approaches to assess neurotoxicity in a high-throughput screen are required. However, neuroactivity is a complex health endpoint, and existing assays don’t cover the breadth of potential neurotoxicity-related targets. In this webinar, Dr. Marissa Kosnik (Stockholm University) in collaboration with US Environmental Protection Agency, demonstrates how measuring compound-induced changes to the spontaneous firing activity of neural cells in an MEA assay can efficiently screen for diverse chemical activities relevant to neurotoxicity, and that chemical structure may be predictive of response patterns.