Maestro Z: your favorite new lab mate

You can't always be in the lab.

Introducing the new Maestro Z app, now you can monitor the kinetics of your biology from your smartphone:    

  • Check in on your experiment to ensure everything is running smoothly.
  • Monitor changes in cell proliferation, viability, and cell killing over minutes or weeks.
  • No need to be in the lab, you just need the Maestro Z App and a web connection.
Maestro Z will keep an eye on your cells while you enjoy your weekend.

Celebrate your #favlabmate

We've all got a favorite lab mate, the unsung hero who stays late to feed your cells or comes into lab on the weekend to record that critical assay timepoint. 

Celebrate your favorite lab mate and both WIN a Nalgene water bottle.  Post a fun picture on Twitter of you and your favorite lab mate, and mention @axionbio1 and #favlabmate.  We’ll select the top 25 most creative entries and send you both one of our new Nalgene water bottles.  With the Maestro Z App, now you’ll both be able to enjoy the weekend.

Two Axion Maestro Z waterbottles - hiking with your favorite lab mate

Never miss a thing

Introducing Maestro Z, the world’s most advanced impedance-based real-time cell analysis platform. Now with the Maestro Z App, you can monitor the kinetics of your biology over minutes or weeks on your smartphone. 

“User-friendly and powerful platform”

"We found the Maestro Z to be extremely user-friendly with simple, yet powerful software. The setup was also easy and non-disruptive to other work since it does not require any space in the incubators…This is a great system for easily monitoring cell behavior in real-time."

Cheryl Gomillion, Assistant Professor, University of Georgia

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