Modeling pediatric epilepsy with
iPSC-based technologies 

Coffee Break Webinar: Modeling pediatric epilepsy with iPSC-based technologies from Axion BioSystems.

Summary: Epilepsy is a devastating neurological disease caused by an imbalance in the electrical signals between the cells of the brain. It affects 1% of newborns and very young children. In children, 1/3 of all cases fail to respond to currently available medication. The primary challenge in the fight against epilepsy is the lack of model systems that effectively mirror what goes wrong in human patients. In this webinar, Dr. Evangelos Kiskinis (Northwestern University), demonstrates how patient-specific neurons in vitro recapitulate the neural firing patterns observed in patient EEGs in vivo. Using this platform Dr. Kiskinis hopes to be able to predict what drug would work best for each patient, removing the trial-and-error approach to epilepsy therapy.