Neural Activity Map

Discover the electrical activity of your neural models


Why measure neural activity?

In vitro models have proven themselves to be a powerful strategy for studying disorders of the human nervous system. But many of these disorders are the result of subtle changes to the functional properties of the neural network. Your neurodisease models may appear the same under the microscope, but what about their neural activity?


Understand life's circuitry

The study of neural activity has been historically complex, hindering our advancements in human biology and treating diseases. Enter Maestro Pro and Maestro Edge, the next generation of microelectrode array (MEA) platforms designed by Axion BioSystems.  Maestro MEA systems capture live cell activity from neurons in real-time, providing you the functional cell information you have been missing. Learn how Maestro MEA is helping scientists to discover the electrical activity of their neuronal cells in this free white paper.

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